My Booking Rewards is awesome! is a global loyalty & rewards programme helping suppliers to incentivize and reward agents for bookings. Travel agents earn rewards, cash-cards, Fam-Trips, prizes, amazon & I-tunes online certificates. Suppliers can monitor agent performance, and reward based on loyalty, via their, client branded interface. The rest is simply rewarding!!


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Agent Rewards

Rewards Program

Agents: Report your bookings and earn rewards from every supplier in our network.

Suppliers: Enjoy a cost effective solution to building a loyal agent database through recognition of sales performance.

Its as easy as click and earn!


Agent Training

Rewards Program

Learning & Earning.

The more you learn about our products the more you earn in sales and we want you to earn!

The only fully integrated training and rewards option with a single membership to access all of the learning, earning and meeting options.


Agent Events

Rewards Program

Oct 2015

Hull - Tuesday 13th October 2015



  • Log your Bookings and receive financial rewards
  • Bank your rewards and withdraw them when you want them
  • Be the first to know of any new reward campaigns


  • Know your top agents and reward them
  • Flexible multi parameter reward system
  • Fully automated personalised email management system

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