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SunSwept Resorts Rewards

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WELCOME to SunSwept Resorts Rewards - Exclusively for North American Agents



Earn cash bonuses for every booking you make. The more nights you book the more cash you earn.

You earn $4 USD for every room night you book.

SunSwept is running a special double cash bonus promotion ($8 instead of $4 USD) for all bookings made for StolenTime by Rendezvous until Nov 30th



As well as the financial rewards, we show our appreciation for your business by providing you with points for free nights to visit our resorts. You can both enjoy all that BodyHoliday or StolenTime have to offer and get first hand experience to share with your clients.

For every room-night sold you earn a point - 7 points = 1 Free night 

The BodyHoliday or StolenTime by Rendezvous


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