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Ocean by H10 Rewards

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Discover Ocean by H10's Travel Agent Rewards Program


At Ocean by H10, we value the partnership we share with travel agents, and we're excited to introduce our new Travel Agent Rewards Program! This program is designed to show our appreciation for your dedicated service and commitment.


For each room night booked and consumed, earn up to $5 USD per room night based on the room category. Our program rewards travel agents with cash incentives for both standard and higher category room bookings, providing a more significant reward for higher category rooms.


Remember! You now have until August 31st to register all reservations booked after March 2023. After this date, a new 90-day registration period will apply for all reservations. Don't miss out on this extended opportunity to register your reservations and enjoy the benefits of our rewards program. 


Join our rewards program today and start earning for every booking you make. Experience the benefits of partnering with Ocean by H10 and make the most out of your efforts. We look forward to a fruitful and lasting relationship with you


The rewards are per room night

Minimum 3 nights stay

The more room nights you book, the more you earn !


a 6-nights direct booking for a standard category room will get $15

an 8-nights direct booking for a higher category room will get $40



Direct Bookings via



Ocean by H10 Call Center +1 647 846 3236