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Let's DO IT as game changers

As a travel agent, you have the unique ability to be a game changer, to redefine the way people explore the world. Your expertise, passion, and dedication enable you to create extraordinary journeys that go beyond the customary. Our Global Loyalty Program is designed to unite like-minded game changers, empowering you to push boundaries, break new ground, and elevate the travel industry to unprecedented heights.








There's more!


From premium content and exclusive previews to virtual events with leading experts in their fields, our membership is designed to enrich your life in ways you never imagined.  Become part of a passionate community that shares your interests and is eager to explore new experiences with you.


T&Cs: Valid for eligible bookings. Bookings must be made after the DO Travel Rewards launch date of August 1, 2023. Rewards will be eligible for redemption after check in date. Reservations must be registered on myBookingRewards.com within 14 days of check-in date. For the United States, Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean, the minimum stay per reservation is 4 nights. To apply, travel agents must input their reservation information accurately on the platform. Winners may be required to provide proof of their status as a registered travel agent and any other documentation required for prize verification. Entries that are incomplete, fraudulent, or tampered with will be disqualified. Offers can be modified or cancelled without prior notice. Promotional dates may change without notice. Personal information collected will be used only to administer the Program, provide valuable information and promote the Program's benefits, and will not be shared with third parties.




            For general inquiries, please email Dotravelrewards@mitur.gob.do