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Join our suppliers online, post questions in live Q&A sessions and see some of the products live in resort

There’s always something new to learn from a supplier and often the option to earn or win something from a webinar or dedicated campaign flyer. It’s a great way to learn.

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Royalton Resorts - Go Live - 13 July 21


Temptation Cancun Virtual Fam 14 Jul


Luxury Webinar - 7th July


Caribbean Corner Webinar - 8th July


Caribbean Corner Webinar - 1st July


Indian Ocean Webinar - 30 June 21


Elegant Hotels Barbados 29 Jun 21


Caribbean Corner - 24th June 21


Luxury Webinar - 23rd June 21


Caribbean Corner "Party Edition" 17th June


Family Webinar - 16th June 2021


Weddings & Romance Webinar 15th June 21


Caribbean Corner - 10th June 21


Luxury Webinar - 9th June 21


Caribbean Corner - 3rd June 21


Indian Ocean Webinar 26 May 21


Caribbean Corner - 20th May 21


Weddings & Romance Webinar 19 May 21


Luxury Webinar - 12th May 21


Caribbean Corner - 29th April 21


Caribbean Corner - 6th May 2021


Luxury Webinar - 21st Apr 21


Caribbean Corner - 15th April 21


Go Live - Pure Grenada The Spice Of The Caribbean