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Hello and welcome to Trinidad and Tobago’s Reward programme.

Earn up to £30 for bookings to the islands of Trinidad and Tobago.

The twin-island nation of Trinidad and Tobago offers you incredible opportunities for totally unique twin centre holidays. Compare and contrast the two very different islands:  Trinidad with its vibrant capital city, home of West Indies cricket and the world's greatest annual Carnival, purveyor of fantastic street food and inventor of the steel pan......Tobago - tiny little sister, clean, green and serene - the place to 'cool down' after Carnival, to explore the western hemisphere's oldest protected rainforest, and laze away the days on the incredible and uncrowded beaches.   For a booking in Trinidad you can earn an immediate £10, whilst then also earning up to £20 for a stay in Tobago.  Or start your client off in Tobago and send them across to Trinidad to explore and immerse themselves in T&T culture.

You may not realise this, but British Airways offers 5 flights a week to Port of Spain in Trinidad from Gatwick - and two flights a week to Tobago as well!  With a really affordable quick hop across between the islands on Caribbean Airlines, it means that you can book your clients out to one and back from the other (an open-jaw ticket in other words).  Or you can book into and out of one island, but add a little hop over to the other in the middle of the holiday.  We don't mind HOW you do it, as long as you share this fabulous twin-centre opportunity with your customers!

It also means you're not tying them down to just a 7 night duration - you can book all sorts of combinations and durations.

On this site - Make any booking at one of our listed hotels in Trinidad for any duration and we will pay you £10.

If your booking has a stay on the beautiful island of Tobago, again for any duration, click below to log your booking and you can earn up to £20 for this additional booking and also a chance to visit these beautiful islands yourself!

Good luck and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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