Terms & Conditions

Reward Program Terms and Conditions


Reward Program Terms and Conditions                           Issued 2/26/18


This program is owned by Playa Hotels & Resorts and as such you authorise Playa Hotels

to register you to any future Playa Hotels agent rewards and incentive program as well as

or in place of this program



Loyalty Program’s Frequently Asked Questions:


Which Resorts are part of the program?


Effective February 1, 2018, Aim for the Stars Rewards loyalty program is effective for all

2-nights or more bookings logged prior to guest arrival date, without exception, for only

Jewel Dunn’s River Beach Resort and Spa, Jewel Runaway Bay Beach and Golf Resort,

Jewel Paradise Cove Beach Resort and Spa.  Effective February 26, 2018 Jewel Grande

Montego Bay Resort & Spa is eligible for the program. Jewel Grande’s

Limited Time Introductory Thank You Offer gives agents the opportunity to

earn reward points on bookings from September 2017 onward and logged by March 31, 2018,

without exception. 


How many nights does a booking have to be to qualify?


Bookings or Reservations must be 2-nights or more and logged prior to guest arrival date,

without exception.


Who is eligible to participate in Aim for the Stars Rewards?


Effective February 1, 2014, Aim for the Stars Rewards travel agent loyalty program is valid

for retail travel agents, excludes tour operators, including online, reservations call center

agents and interline agents, located in the Caribbean, United States and Canada.

When do I need to log my bookings?


Bookings are required to be reported or logged prior to check-in of guests,

without exception. The system will not allow you to log bookings after arrival. 

What is the client perk and how do I request one?


The client perk benefit is offered on client bookings of at least 3-nights or more and is a personalized

note from you, submitted at least three (3)-full days prior to arrival. Fulfillment is based on

availability and at the hotel’s discretion. Perks cannot be substituted, have no cash value and

expire upon check-out.  To request your client perk: Login to www.aimforthestarsrewards.com,

click on My Bookings tab, click on Client Perks link, enter note text and submit.  


What are Star Points?


Star point earning applies to room nights sold at prevailing current rates. Star points are

not earned for industry rate room nights.

When can I expect approval of my bookings?


Allow up to thirty (30) days for approval of Star Points once booking travel date is completed.

When can I expect Signature Gifts Bonus Stars to be awarded; i.e., 250 Registration Points?


Signature Gifts Bonus Stars are rewarded after Registration and your first 3-nights or

longer booking completes travel within each level’s threshold. Gift bonus stars may vary

and are subject to change without notice.



How do I redeem my points for a reward stay?


Agents are eligible to redeem a reward stay for double-occupancy in a Premier room

at our adults-only Jewel Dunn’s River and Jewel Paradise Cove and the all-ages,

Jewel Runaway Bay or a Junior Suite at Jewel Grande, based on availability and at

the resort’s discretion for:

  • for stays of no more than 5 consecutive nights at any one time
  • guaranteed room upgrades can be secured with additional points
  • to redeem at Jewel Grande, agents must have at least 21 stayed client nights

approved on their account

  • additional adults or children up to allowed room occupancy are

at an additional cost and payable at check-in


Can I get a guaranteed category upgrade?

Yes, for additional points you can select the room category you desire, subject

to availability and at the resort’s discretion.  Points by resort by room category

are outlined in the Redeem section of the site.

Can I redeem an extra room for family or friends during my stay?


Yes, for an additional 1,000-star points per night your family or friends can enjoy a

Premier room at Jewel Dunn’s River, Jewel Paradise Cove, Jewel Runway Bay or

2,000-star points per night your family or friends can enjoy a Junior Suite at

Jewel Grande, based on double occupancy and at the discretion of the resort. 

ONE additional room is allowed and must be booked for same travel dates as agent's redemption dates.

Agent must be present at check in.  Free nights cannot be resold or transferred.  

Any violation of terms and conditions could lead to loss of membership, forfeiture

of all earned points and rights to reward.

What is approval response time on reward stay redemptions?


Please allow a minimum of five (5) business days following your request date for a

reply and response time may vary based on demand.


Can I redeem a reward stay at Jewel Runaway Bay or Jewel Grande with 3-adults

or more as allowed by room occupancy rules in the room?  

No, your reward stay is based on double-occupancy only and a third, or more adults,

as allowed by room occupancy rule, are at an additional fee.  See "Fees you are responsible for".

What is the children’s policy for reward stays at Jewel Runaway Bay and

Jewel Grande Montego Bay?

Children 5-years and under are FREE at Jewel Runaway Bay or Jewel Grande.

Children 6-14 years old incur a child fee and children 15-years and older are priced at adult rate.

One adult must occupy room with child.  See Fees you are responsible for.

Are there black-out dates for reward stays?

Blackout dates apply to major Island and US holidays and events and include the following known dates outlined below. Other dates may apply at each resort’s discretion based on availability. During high season, January-March, complimentary reward stays are limited.  

2018: 7/1 – 7/7, 7/31-8/7, 8/31-9/6, 10/14-10/16, 11/19-11/25, 12/20-1/6, 1/18-/24, 2/15-3/9, 4/16-4/25, 5/20-5/30

2019: 7/1-7/7, 7/31-8/7, 8/30-9/5, 11/8-11/14, 11/25-12/1 and 12/20-1/6/20.  Notice of blackouts due to SOLD OUT status are Jewel Paradise Cove 1/5-1/28/19 and 3/2-3/8/19 and Jewel Runaway Bay 1/20-1/28/19.       



Fees you are responsible for:

The Jamaica government-imposed Guest Accommodation Room Tax of USD $4.00 per night

per room is additional and due at check-in.


Children 5-years and under are FREE at Jewel Runaway Bay and Jewel Grande.

Children 6-14 years old incur a child fee per night of $50 at JRB and $60 at Jewel Grande.

Children 15-years and older priced as Adult at $110 per night at Jewel Runaway Bay and

$122 at Jewel Grande. These fees are due and payable at check-in. One adult must

occupy room with child.

Your reward stay is based on double-occupancy only and a third adult in a Jewel Runaway

Bay guest room is at an additional $110 per night. A third adult or more in a Jewel Grande guest

room is at an additional $122 per night.   Any fees due are payable at check-in. 

Are round-trip airport transfers included with my reward stay?


Airport transfers are included with reward stays and provided by Jamaica Tours Limited (JTL)

from Montego Bay’s Sangster International Airport.  To pick up shuttle upon arrival, go to

Desk 21 in airport’s Welcome Lounge. See the JTL representative at the hotel to confirm

your return shuttle time.  No other pick-up or drop-off locations are allowed. 


Complimentary upgraded room category eligibility?

Aim for the Stars Shooting Star and Shining Star agents are eligible for a room category

upgrade based on availability upon check-in and at the hotel’s discretion.  This upgrade is

not guaranteed.  Agents can redeem additional points for a guaranteed room upgrade. 



How are cash rewards paid?

Cash rewards are paid via MyBookingRewards' NEW global Mastercard to registered Agent only.  To order a 

new Mastercard, review complete terms and conditions and learn how to access and withdraw, visit







What if my pending logged booking cancels?  

Client bookings submitted for points and cancelled 21-days or more prior to arrival will

retain stars for future use; any bookings submitted for client perks and cancelled within

20-days or less of arrival forfeits stars.


Do my points expire?

Effective December 22, 2015, members must have star point earning or redeeming activity

once every 12 months in order to retain their stars to pass to the next level. If your account

has no qualifying activity in any 12-month period, all stars in the account will expire.

Each qualifying activity extends the expiration date of all unexpired stars’ credit in your

account for 12 months from the date of the qualifying activity.


Does my status as a Shooting Star or a Shining Star member change when I redeem points?

Once a member reaches Shooting Star or Shining Star level status, they will remain in that

level regardless of the expiration of stars due to inactivity.

Do I have any tax liability on rewards?

The incentive detailed here is offered on a ‘non-tax-paid basis’. It is your responsibility to

declare any applicable rewards to the appropriate tax authorities.


Who hosts the program?

Program is hosted on My Booking Rewards (MBR). We (MBR) promise not to share

your data with any other organization.  By registering with MBR you agree to us using

your details for the sole purpose of communicating with you about this incentive and

the hotel(s) detailed in this promotion. All communications regarding this offer will

come either from the hotel(s) detailed in the promotion, their appointed in market

representative, or MyBookingRewards (MBR).



A booking can only be claimed for once and responsibility for any dispute resolutions

rests with agent or agency to resolve. You agree to hold harmless MBR, participating

resorts and Aimbridge Hospitality.


Who do I contact about a technical or login issue?

For technical or Login related only issues, email:  support@mybookingrewards.com

Who do I contact about a loyalty program-related question?

For program-related questions, login to your www.AimfortheStarsRewards.com account.  On your Dashboard,

click on the SUPPORT tab and submit and inquiry.


Program and terms subject to change at any time.  





General Terms and Conditions

Welcome to MyBookingRewards

As a registrant of this network and programme you agree to the following:

  1. In order to register you must be an employee of a travel agency, tour operator or a homeworker belonging to a recognised consortium (please provide your agency number) (this does not apply to consumer facing offers).
  2. You may join either as an individual or as an entire agency.
  3. If you join as an agency it is the manager’s responsibility to divide the rewards among the staff as they see fit and make any declarations to the relevant tax authorities.
  4. Your User Name and Password are unique to you and will travel with you should you change agencies. It is your responsibility to keep your profile information up to date and advise of changes in contact details under "Edit Profile".
  5. By registering with us you agree to us using your details for the sole purpose of communicating with you about My Booking Rewards (MBR) and any incentives or promotions registered with MBR and our associated partnerships. All communications regarding offers will come from suppliers detailed in the incentive or promotion, their appointed representative, or MBR
  6. By subscribing to any part of MBR or programme within it you accept that MBR may contact you via the channels given, including sending you E-mails, on its behalf or that of any of its programme members.
  7. By subscribing to a programme you may earn the rewards of that programme.
  8. By submitting a booking you accept that we may source the applicable programme(s) related to that product and subscribe you to this as a means to reward you and that you cannot earn any reward or recognition without being subscribed to the said programme, and as such you accept that the programme may and must be able to communicate with you via email, in writing or by telephone to confirm your reward or for any other reason.
  9. Your email data will not be passed on to third parties other than those suppliers whose reward programmes you choose to report bookings to and join or by registering for or attending an event where a supplier is listed. MyBookingRewards.com may from time to time send relevant updates about MyBookingRewards, its sister companies, its events, products and suppliers. You consent to being contacted by email for direct marketing purposes by MyBookingRewards and all associated parties within this website and community.
  10. By registering with MBR Events or attending an individual event you agree for MBR and all suppliers listed for the event, use your details for the purpose of communicating with you about MBR and the respective suppliers listed for the event and to be automatically registered to the respective supplier reward programmes within MBR, and you accept that all communications will come either from the supplier detailed in the promotion, their appointed in-market representative, or MyBookingRewards (MBR).  
  11. MBR is associated with Travel Uni and other parties in numerous training programmes and as such you agree that by joining a reward programme which operates a training programme or other similar programme with such parties or vice versa, that your login permits you to enter either / both platforms without a new login or registration, and as such your data is therefore shared and registered with both parties to facilitate this process and for direct marketing. If at any time you wish to stop receiving direct marketing, please follow Unsubscribe instructions on each of the sources. Please note this may also remove you from My Booking Rewards loyalty programme and you shall lose any rewards earned in any respective programmes.
  12. We (MBR) promise not to share your data with any other organization unless it is otherwise expressed herein or the T’s and C’s of the supplier’s reward programme.
  13. It is your responsibility to read and accept the terms and conditions of each campaign, incentive or promotion NB, As of 1st July 2015, if you pay tax in the UK, you will be requested to select your own tax bracket or opt out of this deduction service as you withdraw cash rewards, and our system will automatically deduct the relevant tax at source from your rewards payable. It remains your responsibility to make this selection or opt out and declare as self-employed any applicable taxes for rewards received to HMRC or other relevant tax authorities via your P11D or equivalent form. If in doubt you should ask your employer’s advice on this. If you are earning OUTSIDE of the UK, there is no auto deduction option to select and you are responsible for making your own declarations to your tax authorities.
  14. Your agreement is between you and the respective campaign for which you register and accept the terms for.
  15. Your logged booking may be copied to other relevant reward programmes to help you earn more, you agree that by doing so you accept the terms and conditions of and to join the respective reward programmes to which the booking relates and is being copied 'to'.
  16. The system may offer you different options and ‘currencies’ to receive your rewards: Bank – means you store up your rewards, and redeem them at any time after they have been authorised by simply clicking on Redeem or Withdraw.  Automatic redemption – means you will be rewarded your chosen reward type or currency as soon as your bookings have been approved and rewarded by a program supervisor. For all programmes using MBR for monetary rewards, your money will be transferred to your GLOBAL BANK where you store and save until you click WITHDRAW.
  17. You may store up your rewards, or redeem them at any time after they have been authorised and paid, by simply clicking on Redeem or Withdraw

For any questions or concerns email: support@mybookingrewards.com