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Terms & Conditions of the Jamaica Reward Program

Terms and Conditions:
Jamaica Rewards is not a sweepstakes. It is a performance-based rewards programme. Participation is strictly limited to enrolled travel agents who meet all the criteria set forth by My Booking Rewards and Jamaica Tourist Board. My Booking Rewards is the vendor supporting the programme with products and services.
By joining the Jamaica Rewards programme you agree that your registration is also with the Jamaica Training Programme and MyBookingRewards main membership. As a member of Jamaica Rewards programme you have single login access to the Jamaica training programme where you can access our training and rewards pages.
Once an agent has logged their sixth booking on Jamaica Rewards they will earn €5, - (FIVE EUROS). Agents can earn up to a maximum of €200,- (TWO HUNDRED EUROS) in monetary rewards per year for logging bookings. The Jamaica Tourist Board has the option to gift an agent additional monetary reward as part of additional promotional activities for Jamaica Rewards. Monetary rewards will be loaded onto a global account where agents can choose to receive the funds via MasterCard card.
** The Jamaica Tourist Board reserves the right to change the terms and conditions and criteria of the rewards without notice.

Qualifying Booking:

Only packages consisting of air and land, cruise and land or land-only; based on a 7-night minimum stay, will be considered as a qualified booking. The Jamaica Tourist Board reserves the right, at specific periods and during special promotions to impose a minimum night requirement and amend the qualified booking criteria. A group booking is considered as one (1) single booking and must not be treated as a split booking if guests share the same date of arrival, reference number or lead name (Family Name).
 **Bookings must be logged before the client’s date of arrival to be considered valid.  

Verification of Bookings:
As we encourage you to keep logging your bookings, we want to ensure that you input the correct data into the system. Please pay keen attention to the reference numbers to ensure they are correct. Failure to input the correct details would result in your booking being rejected if we are not able to verify your booking;

  • Include both first name and last name for the “Lead Name” and hotel reference if at all possible;
  • Points or Cash Rewards are approved and paid out after your client has travelled, so ensure that the date of arrival is correct.

Please be advised that once we have communicated with you to verify your booking, your booking will be automatically rejected if you have not provided feedback within one month.
**The Jamaica Tourist Board is the final adjudicator in the verification process.


Participation in the Jamaica Rewards Program is open to all travel agencies and agents operating under a current and legitimate travel organization in your country or IATA number. Winners must be at least 18 years of age and legal residents of the respective country.  

Winning agents are responsible for all taxes on any awards received. Enrolment is the sole responsibility of participating agents. Winning agents are responsible for all taxes on any awards received. Enrolment is the sole responsibility of participating agents. The Jamaica Tourist Board reserves the right to verify bookings at any time without notice, and/or to refuse award(s) based on non-compliance with program rules. Jamaica Tourist Board reserves the right at any time at its absolute discretion to refuse or revoke membership in the program for any reason. It is the sole responsibility of participating agents to confirm receipt of program bookings. In the event of ties for any reward, it is the sole discretion of the Jamaica Tourist Board to select the winning agent based on whose bookings are entered first or at its choosing, make applicable payments to qualifying agents in the tie. (N.B: Winner could be determined by monetary figure of booking)


The Jamaica Tourist Board, and My Booking Rewards are not responsible for lost, late, misdirected or incomplete entries, interrupted or unavailable network, server or other connections or miscommunications. The Jamaica Tourist Board is solely accountable for the Jamaica  Rewards Programme and Jamaica Training Programme.
My Booking Rewards is not responsible or liable for the verification of information, the distribution of prizes, nor any portion of their value.
My Booking Rewards is not responsible for creation or enforcement of Terms and Conditions that govern the Jamaica Rewards Program.
All rules and policies past, present and future are set forth and disseminated at the sole discretion of the Jamaica Tourist Board.
Void where prohibited or restricted by law.

Other conditions may apply. Participants must agree to the above terms and conditions and accept the decisions of the Jamaica Tourist Board as final. Any persons providing false information will forfeit all rewards and prizes associated with the program, and may risk prosecution under applicable law. Rules are subject to change without notice.

You are required to make your own declarations and may request to be opted out of the automatic deductions. If in doubt you should ask your employer’s advice on this.



Welcome to MyBookingRewards


As a registrant of this network and programme you agree to the following:


  1. In order to register you must be an employee of a travel agency, tour operator or a homeworker belonging to a recognised consortium (please provide your agency number) (this does not apply to consumer facing offers).
  2. You may join either as an individual only or as an agency or group provided you can still adhere to all other conditions of your membership.
  3. Your User Name and Password are unique to you and will travel with you should you change agencies. It is your responsibility to keep your profile information up to date by using "Edit Profile".
  4. By registering with us you agree to us using your details for the sole purpose of communicating with you about My Booking Rewards (MBR) and any incentives or promotions registered with MBR and our associated clients and partnerships. All communications regarding offers will come from suppliers detailed in the incentive or promotion, their appointed representative, or MBR.
  5. By subscribing to any part of MBR or client programs within the platform you accept that MBR may contact you via the channels given, including sending you E-mails, on its behalf or that of any of its client programs.
  6. By subscribing to a programme you may earn the rewards of that program.
  7. By submitting a booking via any MBR channel means you accept that we may source the applicable program(s) related to that product and subscribe you to the same as a means to reward you and that you cannot earn any reward or recognition without being subscribed to the said program, and as such you accept that the programme may and must be able to communicate with you via email, in writing or by telephone to confirm your reward or for any other reason.
  8. Your email data will not be passed on to third parties other than those suppliers whose reward programs to which you submit bookings and /or join by direct subscribtion, or by submitting a booking via any  MBR channel where that booking associated to or rewarding from a program, or by registering for or attending an event where a supplier is listed. MyBookingRewards may from time to time send relevant updates about MyBookingRewards, its affiliate companies, its events, products and suppliers. You consent to being contacted by email for direct marketing purposes by MyBookingRewards and all associated parties within this website and community.
  9. By registering with MBR Events or attending an individual event be that virtual or physical, you agree for MBR and all suppliers listed for the event, to use your details for the purpose of communicating with you about MBR and the respective suppliers listed for the event and to be automatically registered to the respective supplier reward programs within MBR, and you accept that all communications will come either from the supplier detailed in the promotion, their appointed in-market representative, or MyBookingRewards (MBR).  
  10. By Registering for an event, you give authorisation for your photos & video to be taken & distributed. If you are not happy with this, please email support@mybookingrewards.com immediately.
  11. We (MBR) promise not to share your data with any other organization unless it is otherwise expressed herein or the T’s and C’s of the supplier’s reward programme.
  12. It is your responsibility to read and accept the terms and conditions of each campaign, incentive or promotion NB, As of 1st July 2015, if you pay tax in the UK, you will be requested to select your own tax bracket as you withdraw cash rewards, and our system will automatically deduct the relevant tax at source from your rewards payable.  There is no opt-out of this for UK residents and as such we will automaticaly deduct a minimum of 20% and pay to HMRC. It otherwise remains your responsibility to make this selection any applicable taxes for rewards received to HMRC or other relevant tax authorities via your P11D or equivalent form. If in doubt you should ask your employer’s advice on this. If you are earning OUTSIDE of the UK, there is no auto deduction option to select and you are responsible for making your own declarations to your tax authorities.
  13. Your engagement with each reward program and your agreement for rewards is between you and the respective reward program and campaign for which you also register and accept the terms and you do not hold MBR liable for any misconduct or non payment of rewards due by any third party program.
  14. Your logged booking may be copied to other relevant reward programmes to help you earn more, you agree that by doing so you accept the terms and conditions of and to join the respective reward programmes to which the booking relates and is being copied 'to'.
  15. The system may offer you different options and ‘currencies’ to receive your rewards: Bank – means you store up your rewards, and redeem them at any time after they have been authorised by simply clicking on Redeem or Withdraw.  Automatic redemption – means you will be rewarded your chosen reward type or currency as soon as your bookings have been approved and rewarded by a program supervisor. For all programmes using MBR for monetary rewards, your money will be transferred to your GLOBAL BANK where you may save until you click WITHDRAW.
  16. You may save your rewards, or redeem them at any time after they have been authorised and paid, by simply clicking on Redeem or Withdraw
  17. We reserve the right to verify your employmet status and validity of your bookings at any time for the security and protection of all members.
  18. By being a member of www.mybookingrewards.com you agree to be entered into prizes, and for your name and/or your image to be posted on social media.

For any questions or concerns email: support@mybookingrewards.com