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About Elegant Rewards



                                                              Welcome to Elegant Hotels Rewards Programme.

Isn't it about time you traded in that office chair for one that just sits on the beach all day? Or those long days on the clock for even longer ones in the surf and sun? Whether in pursuit of adventure, romance or a once-in-a-lifetime family experience, there is an Elegant Hotels resort for every occasion. 

Earn yourself resort points or cash rewards for every booking you make to any of our 7 exclusive properties in Barbados.

For each booking you enter you will get one resort point or you can get cash rewards after your 14th booking (£15, $20, €20)

Rewards stays for the Barbados hotels can now be redeemed up to 5 months prior to arrival for the remainder of 2020.  2019 points will be rolled over into 2021. See Terms and Conditions for more information.”

      Rewards for AGENTS Only!  
  • One point earns one night stay at an Elegant Hotels EP hotel (The House, Colony Club, Treasure Beach) based on double occupancy.
  • Two points earns one night stay at an Elegant Hotels Premium All-Inclusive hotel (Crystal Cove, Tamarind,  Turtle Beach, Waves) based on double occupancy.

        Cash Bonuses

  • Redeem for cash (up to £15 / $20 / €20 per booking) incentives as of your 15th annual booking (up to £500 / $750 / €750 annually) or continue to add room nights.

         Free Meal Upgrades

  • Full board meal plan upgrade can be redeemed with one booking (one extra point) qualifying for two adults per day excluding The House.

Please visit https://www.eleganthotels.com to learn more about our properties