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My Booking Rewards - General (1)

What is My Booking

My Booking is all about giving you the communication forum, recognizing the value of the agent to the supplier and putting you together! More and more clever agents are catching onto the secret.

How Does My Booking Work?

Simple really. We pay you rewards & prizes for bookings you make at hotels worldwide.

All you have to do is Login (or Signup).It is 100% Free to join.

Log your bookings at any of our listed hotels and then we track your booking and reward you appropriately via your My Booking account.

Once we receive the rewards from our suppliers, we can send it straight to you via our agent loyalty Mastercard card or send you Amazon vouchers.

My Booking Rewards - Reward Payments (3)

What is My Global Account?

So What Is It?

My Global Account allows you to ‘pool’ your monetary rewards from all your different reward programs into one central account. When you are ready to spend your money– you simply request it to be paid to your choice of spending options available – either Mastercard Card or Amazon.

How do I Save Up My Rewards?

It’s simple – As you earn your money it will now be automatically transferred into your own My Global Account. Again this helps you manage your ‘total’ earned monetary rewards in one location rather than have them in lots of different places.

Only the PENDING payments remain in the respective accounts until the rewarding supplier clears them – and we all chase them!!!

So instead of your rewards being paid out on approval of your booking £5 or £10 at a time – they will all be deposited safely into your own My Global Account for you to request and spend at any time, putting you in control.

You will still be notified of the transaction each time you are paid by the respective rewarding supplier.

How do I see What I have?

Click on Dashboard to access your My Global Account 24/7 and check your credits, debits and available balance.

You can still check the amount you have earned or are still owed from your dashboard or by going to each respective reward programme just as before.

How do I see where the money was rewarded from?

Click on your “Paid In” balance to see all your credits and debits to and from your Global Account. It shows you which programme your payment came from and how much you were rewarded.

You can also see all of your payments paid out of your account and how you requested it to be paid. i.e. to your MBR Mastercard card.

So How Can I Get My Money?

You can request payment from your available balance at any time to any of the available pay-out options.

1) From your dashboard click the Red button under the My Global Account section.

You will be presented with the form below to complete how much you would like to pay out from your global bank and how you would like to receive it.



2) Enter the value you wish to withdraw. This can be all available FUNDS or anything less.

3) Select how you would like to receive your payment e.g. £20 to my Mastercard card

4) Click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page – your rewards will be sent to you via your chosen method.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at

Mastercard Card Activation Guide

To activate your card, please visit

You will need to register to create a new username and password.


You will be prompted to enter the 9 digit card number from the front of the card you received.



Please follow the next steps to confirm your email and/or date of birth and create your username and password.

After the registration you will be able to access the Mastercard portal and can activate your card by clicking on the “Activate your card” button.

You can also get your pin number by clicking on the button “Display PIN”.


Your card is now activated and ready to receive your well earned rewards!

If you have rewards pending they will now be credited to your newly activated cash card.

If yu have any problems or questions activating your card on the Mastercard portal, you can also contact the Card Customer Service:
Europe: +44 20 3137 0232
Americas: +1 646 844 5561

Point Rewards Redemption

Some programs like i.e. Elegant Hotels program reward your bookings with free nights in their hotels.

To redeem these points you must click on the tab “My Rewards”, select the program that you have points and then click on the button “Redeem Points”:



Read the redemption rules of the program and choose between the options available to redeem your points:



Then a booking form is be shown to you to fill it up with all the necessary information like hotels and dates of your preference, number of pax and childs.


Finally, after complete the booking form click on the button “Redeem Rewards” and one request will be sent to the hotel to check the availability. You also will receive one notification email of your redemption request.

As soon the hotel team check your request, you will receive another notification email with the hotel response regarding your request (approved or declined).

If you have any questions regarding your request, you can send a message to the program supervisors through the tab “Messages”:



  • Log your Bookings and receive financial rewards
  • Bank your rewards and withdraw them when you want them
  • Be the first to know of any new reward campaigns


  • Know your top agents and reward them
  • Flexible multi parameter reward system
  • Fully automated personalised email management system
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